Everything starts with the artwork. The files needed to make a good print must be of the highest standards. A JPEG, PNG or PDF file is not always a good source. What looks good on your phone or PC does not mean it meets the Quality and size needed to print. A File needs to be.EPS or.AI 

( not converted from a Jpeg, png or pdf.)

Fixing a design or starting from scratch to create a logo is $20 per hour. ALL DESIGN work requires a percentage down to start.



Pricing is determined by the amount of colors needed in your design, and the placements needed. Garments are also considered, so each job is unique. Please call for quotes. There is a $25 setup fee for each job.


Heat Transfer

Heat transfer applications are for bold easy designs.  Usually numbers and names for jerseys and simple Tee applications. Colors can be stacked side by side.  

DTG Printing

DTG Allows millions of colors to be printed on a shirt with hardly any feel. This is a speacialty print and starts areound $15 for white and $25.00 for dark garments. There is no minimum on order.


Sublimated designs are soaked into the fabric. In many cases they are printed on fabric before the garment is sewn together. Other forms of sublimation are coffee cups, Jerseys, Tees, ceramics and poly flags. Sublimation only works on light colored garments.


 Four color process uses CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) inks to create over a million different color shades. By mixing the different colors together, using gradient halftones to control the intensity of the color, you are able to replicate full color photographs and illustrations with just four screens.  

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is normally based around cyan, magenta, yellow and black (in some instances with tonal variations), the optical mixing of which, when printed, gives rise to a full spectrum of colour. Here at the shop I use this method for printing stickers, simple signs and printable heat transfers. 


The process of stitching beautiful colors of thread into the surface of fabric to create wonderful patterns and imagery by means of a machine. This process is a one at a time print and depending on the size, and colors of thread effect you cost per print. 


 What you need can be discussed. Variables are cost and quantity. I do not do all forms of printing here but I can point you in the right direction or provide a 3rd party service for a small fee, if you can not do it on your own.