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Screen Print and Heat Transfer
Screen printed tees is the process of laying layers of ink onto a garment. Pricing varies as there are different methods of printing. Stop in or call to find out what would be best for your print.
Heat transfers use to get a bad rap but they are now just a good as a screen print with a couple minor draw backs. But if you have a print with many colors and intricate detail, This could be the best option!
Signage for all occasions.
Signs come in many forms, each with their own life span. What works best for your situations needs to be chosen wisely. Carved and painted, vinyl or printed there are many different substrates with different values.  I can help guide you to what works best for your budget.
Vinyl graphics and Decals
With all the technology and phasing out so many things we use everyday, the one thing that hasnt changed is photography. The art of capturing a special moment to share with loved ones is always constant. If you are looking for competative pricing and my style suites your needs then give me a call!
Logos and Design
This is at the top for a reason as it applies to everything I do. I have been drawing and designing for 30 years. It is important to choose a company that can custom design your tees, Your vehicle graphics, Create you a logo, paint you a sign, Design business cards and even Re touch your photos. If the place you visit does not do their own in house graphics for EVERYTHING, then that means they are out sourcing. Which means you are paying a middle man.  Simple as that.
Vinyl graphics are  a great way for a business to get their message to the masses. There are a few choices when it comes to vehicle vinyl depending on how detailed your design needs to be.  Vinyl graphics also apply to decals and stickers. Ink is printed on to the vinyl to create them and I do that too!
screen printing
vinyl & decals