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Screen printed garments in one to six color designs.  Cotton, Poly and Spandex materials. All inks are plastisol cured. Start your designs today. 585.200.2400
Pricing is determined by material selected and the amount of colors to be printed. Each color is a fee. Each side / position is also charged. Set up fee is per job. Design fees  incure  when the customer  does not have the proper files for setting up a job.

All designs must be in Vector format or EPS. ( JPEG and PDF are not  vector files.) Image quality is usually low with these and will produce low quality prints if they ar not at least 300 dpi. they may look good on your PC or Phone but in reality these images are usually 100 to 500 pixels which is not acceptable for print.

If files are not proper I need to re draw or trace out the logo to separate colors. This could take hours depending on the difficulty of design.